The world has come to stand still. There is nothing for us to do but stay home, care for our loved ones, our communities and let public health and the governments find a solution. So we wait.

Before all this, this upcoming Thursday, April 16th, had been the date we were counting down towards since January 15th. Or really since last Autumn. 😬

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Littlen is due to start school in September. This means school open days last Autumn to identify our top three choices. Collating the online application by January 15th. And waiting till April 16th, when school allocations are to be confirmed.

We do not know when schools are going to re-open, the process however is going ahead as normal. I asked my mummy friends, most are pretty chill. Me, I am a nervous wreck.

When you don’t fit the norm

Contrary to our friends, who are staying put, we need to move into a bigger property. We’ve delayed the move for this long, so Littlen would have a continuous nursery experience with his friends. The plan is to move ahead the school start. (another thing that might need re-thinking now).

Add to this, that being a multi-lingual family I have set my heart on a particular school, across town. Assuming all goes well, we’ll move into that area. This meant our 2nd and 3rd school choice needed to be over there.

The UK system goes primarily by distance. Applying for schools across town, whilst it makes sense to me, it not a move that will facilitate the process. The school admissions team can only take your current address into account.

So right now I am hanging my hopes on:

  • 1st school operating by city wide lottery, so distance does not apply
  • 2nd school, distance does apply but there a rumours of this being a low birth year (oh the wonderful quirky knowledge of parents)
  • 3rd school applied on religious grounds rather than distance

All three happily chosen at the time. Each seems to be doing amazing work, and it is true that we are very lucky with school choices here in Brighton. They are however, all very different from each other. Having ‘gotten to know’ each school, I now feel incredibly torn, about which should be ‘the one’.

Anyone else here awaiting their kid’s first school allocation? Anyway else preparing for a big change? Feel free to share in the comments? xo

Fingers & toes crosseD, stay safe, Noa xoxo

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