family life in pandemic times

By Noa

Why & WHO

AY CORONA: documenting the experiences we’re making as a family living through the pandemic that is Covid-19, #Corona. Hand on heart, a scary time.

As a community we’re facing significant uncertainly, serious risk of health, possible death, potential for job loss risking livelihoods, and with schools/nurseries closed we are expected to: stay in to save us all, continue working as normal, and care for our children as both parents and teachers all at the same time.  

At the time of writing, it’s early days. The UK seems to have acted late, in comparison with other countries. We don’t know yet what this is, looks like or how it will affect us. I’d like to capture how we adapt to ‘the new normal’ as we take in the news each week.

I am hopeful, that our accounts might give you the one or other useful ‘how to’ for kids at home, WFH and staying well. Also a reminder that we’re not alone as the community spirit rallies all around us.

As to me. I am Noa. 30-something working mum to the most perfect little 4 yo I could have wished for ❤ I say this despite the daily growing independence! 😉

We live in Brighton, UK, a city I adore and am lucky to call our home. Also I am an EU citizen, so have just ‘enjoyed’ 3 years of #Brexit. Who knew there was a pandemic at its heels?!

If you read something you like, get in touch. If you’ve found something that really works for you at these times, please share. And stay safe, rally around your loved ones (now it the time to pick up that phone!) and good luck!

Stay Safe, Noa xoxo

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