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Cause I totally am. Amidst they daily hustle between home and work life, the lunch time trip to the coffee shop with a book or to call a friend, was welcome me time. On my mummy Fridays or at the weekend; a cup of hot, delicious coffee a must have.

Obviously there are more important things in life! Especially when a global pandemic is on the loose. So here we are, social distancing and staying home.

But with no end in sight, it is on us to make ‘the normal’ normal.

We are all bending over backwards to make these recent changes work. Four weeks into the UK lock down, we are expertly juggling lack of child care, full time work, isolation from friends, family and co-workers. That’s not even touching on the relentless life admin, these days on reduced income, and everything closed. I can’t be the only one that was due to renew their passport at the embassy in London? Good job no one is going anywhere…. though I don’t even want to think about the backlog in appointments and processing times when life resumes.

The question I’d rather ask, is coffee something I can fix?


So my go to coffees are cappuccinos and more recently a move to macchiatos. Love the foam. Gotta have the sprinkled chocolate. And call me a child, I do enjoy the pretty patterns on top. All things you don’t ordinarily get with a DIY coffee at home. :/

Two truths about me: There is no way I will have Nescafe powdered coffee. Also, however tempting the pod coffee machines are, realities of small kitchen and additional, regular, plastic waste mean no such coffee machine for us.

I do however have one of these for good, strong coffee. ❤

Great coffee, but no frothy foam. So given lock down, and foreseeable lack of barista coffee I caved and bought myself this little treat. One push to frothy milk.

What do they say about ‘all the right tools and no skill’? 😅

Let’s just say my first attempt would not have gotten me hired at Costa! Bit of a flop, isn’t it?

Didn’t look right, didn’t taste right, didn’t feel right. 🤣🤣🤣 😭

Call on the experts

Depending on what I need. I don”t google. Instead I go on Facebook groups and ask a real person. Now please don’t you hate me with LMGTFY*. 😅 I just prefer to talk to real people, online included. So off I went to one of my trusted Facebook groups. This one for UK based European community bonding over Brexit and all things life in the UK. I literally asked for a barista. 🤣 Chances were, if not a formal barista, I was going to connect with coffee lovers, and/or Italians. The Italians answered my call and I was not disappointed! Grazie mille ❤

Turns out set up, tools, brewing all good. Downfall was the actual coffee assembly. Also milk to coffee ratio.

In the UK there are big natioanal debates on whether, when eating scones, it’s cream first and jam on top. Or jam first, cream on top. 16 years in, I still don’t think it matters….. (don’t tell anyone lol)… seems to me it’s a question of preference?

With coffee though, instead of dolloping the foam on top, counter intuitively the answer is foam first. Cup at an angle, Slowly pour coffee. Stir. All things I din’t think of doing, not wanting to destroy the foam.

That’s looking more like it!

New and improved

Now that the taste and feel was getting there, time to think about the look. After all a key ingredient was still missing. Chocolate powder, bonus points for pattern…

Why am I not surprised?! Of course it had to start with a flop. Here is attempts numero due.

Not perfect but I’ll take it. May get myself a little stencil with a new pattern to celebrate. Now that the ‘new normal’ resembles normal a little more. From a coffee perspective, the lock down may continue.

Stay safe, Noa xoxo

* Let me google that for you

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