We’re in the seventh week of UK lock down and as a family we started staying home a little over a week before the formal announcement. Eight weeks of overhauling the way we live everyday life. Nearly 56 days of very limited time out of the house. There are days, I don’t go out at all. 😳

When we do go out for leisure and exercise, we stick to the local area. And we are lucky (!) to have one of the biggest parks in town at our door step, as well as a smaller one five minutes’ walk away.

Having said this, as parents of a four year old, we have already been ‘doing time’ at these two parks for years! πŸ˜‚ When you then shouldn’t be going anywhere else and the park you are so familiar with is the only place outside of your four walls that you can go, the feeling of gratitude of being able to go out in first place, quickly mixes with frustration of these limitations. But then we all know why we are staying home! πŸ’ͺ 

NECESSITY is the mother of invention, they say

We’re lucky to be living in Brighton (UK) with all of it’s opportunities and facilities. Though being a creature of habit, I often stick with my usual stomping grounds. Which means it is entirely possible, that 5 minutes in the other direction, there lays undiscovered territory full of possibilities.

If you too, are bored of the same daily walk, what options do you have locally to rediscover your neighbourhood?

The Rockery

I can probably count on one hand the number of times, we’ve been to the local rock garden. It’s only on the other side of the park. Though you have to cross a main road.

Pre-kid I didn’t spend a lot of time in the parks and after Littlen was born climbing up and down the steps of the rock garden with a baby and later a toddler doing his first steps was just not a good fit. So I forgot about it.

But boy is it gorgeous! It makes an interesting walk, has lots of fun for Littlen, now four, and climbing up and down those steps does me a world of good given full sedentary mode in lock down.

Here some impressions:

Are there local gardens in your area? With the wonderful weather we’ve been having, if they are local and it’s safe to do so, now might be the time to tread new grounds.

Hollingbury Woods

You know that piece of green you drive past every day on the daily commute (pre-corona)? You don’t really think about it as you whiz past. For me that green on the way to the shops, about 5 minutes from home (the green not the shops), turned out to be Hollingbury Woods.

Not a big piece of land, but on the edge of town and remote. Great for social distancing! A mummy friend had recommended it for a walk, so over the Easter weekend we went to explore.

Guys, we had so much fun! For one, being a woodland, it comes with instant peace and tranquility. I could feel the pressures of the day just melt away as i entered the woods and found myself fully immersed in nature.

Rather than a very straight forward grass pitch in the park, a woodland offers so much more opportunity to explore and play. We found awesome little shelters, a dragon and added a little egg hunt. Hide and seek was not to be missed and lots of opportunities for climbing. Exactly what we all needed now that we spend so much time at home.

Here is a little peak:

Littlen and I loved it and we shall be back.


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