This post is part of our adapting to adversity series*

Mother’s supporting one Another

5,804 – the members count of the Brighton & Hove Mummy Club on Facebook. Just looked. When I first had Littlen, I joined a handful of mummy Facebook groups and boy do I love the support, camaraderie and the laughter that we share as a mum community!

They say ‘it takes a village’. Also babies don’t come with a manual. 😅 We have shared a lot over the years. So it’s only natural for us to call upon each other, when a pandemic is thrown our way. Whether that’s waking up to find you’re the teacher. Managing tantrums on steroids. Or you simply being exhausted from your 24/7 duties to family, home, neighbours, parents, work, as well giving your absolute all to ensure your children feel safe and secure in the face of corona.

If you are also a business owner, the stakes are that bit higher. This, however, does not change the community rallying for you.

Introducing Paint Pots Brighton

About a week back, Vicki posted in the group and shared with us the steps she had taken to keep her business Paint Pots going through the lock down.

Amidst the local pottery painting cafes, Paint Pots has been running for 23 years – it’s the oldest setting outside of London! You get to spend an afternoon with the kids, keeping messy play at a safe distance from home 🤣 and creating beautiful, personalised gifts for grandparents, father’s day and similar occasions. Vicki, who is passionate about teaching the craft, ensures each customer gets a little help to make the most out of their piece.

Honestly, pottery painting, at this time, wasn’t even on my radar! But it was for other parents. Several of which reached out to Vicki asking for pottery painting sets for home delivery.

Online order, bank transfer and a in person delivery of a fully sanitized box with all of the equipment needed quickly followed. This included a choice of six colours, a piece to personalise and a happy, approachable service (by email) throughout. For the teaching element, Vicki is currently developing online resources to ensure the support element continues throughout the lock down.

Through placing our order, we quickly realised that we are almost neighbours. 🙂 And I’ve very much enjoyed the opportunity to connect with a fellow mum from the community.

It started with a box

Who doesn’t love to receive a parcel?! In this case, rather than a potentially rushed DHL/other driver, it was Vicki herself. Being almost neighbours, it was a five minute walk with a fantastic pair of sunnies, matching the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing. 🌞

The box came with all supplies and at a safe 2m + distance Vicki shared a few tips to ensure a happy experience.

Getting Started

I am not a crafter; honest! I realise the Easter Diaries series might make it seem otherwise. I love the idea of crafting. At normal times though, there is a distinct lack of time. Hence our post on the Gift of Time here.

Also, usually what is started with the best of intentions, might well end in disaster! 😅 One of my typical flaws is rushing into it, to then realise I am either missing things or have skipped a step. I thought this activity might have the potential for a lot of mess. I didn’t want to stress at Littlen, so taking a moment for a proper set up it was. Tea towels at the ready for ’emergencies’. big towel on the floor to catch any spills and my personal favourite: a strong coffee in my take away cup for that coffee shop feeling. (Anyone else missing their trips to the coffee shop?)

We had no spills. But had I not prepared, I’d be panicking over the carpet rather than writing tonight. Funny how it always works that way!

Actually the paint dried pretty quick. Stayed on brushes and on the bowl and vase. No dripping, No mess, All good! 🙂

Fun with paint

Littlen and I commenced work on our respective pieces. I’d shown him Vicki’s picture with the different items to choose from a few days prior and he promptly selected a bowl.

He had a very clear vision for this becoming his ‘sweetie bowl’. We do not have a sweetie bowl. This is not a thing in our household. Clearly we’ve been missing a trick! 🤣

Vicki’s email advice of ‘no water for the littlens’ and ‘keeping paint pots closed so colours don’t dry out’ worked really well for us. I only used a small pot to clean brushes in between colours and taking care of drying them before continued use. Also dropped a little paint on the palette rather than taking it from the pot. (Likely reason as to why we had not disaster on the carpet today. 😅).

This is what today looked like:

The carpet was spared, the bunny… not so much!

Now I just need to email Vicki for a collection. She’ll finish up the pieces in her workshop. Once all done I’ll upload a pic of the final results 🙂

In the meantime a little message to take away. Vicki’s answer to “what can we do for small businesses?”. “Write that review on TripAdvisor you meant to write at the time. It would lift them up when they most need it ❤️

Stay safe, Noa xoxo

* Our adapting to adversity series will cover local businesses adapting to ‘the new normal’. These are businesses we have used, I value and where I would like to share our experience with them during the pandemic. AYCORONA.BLOG is not in anyway monetized, so these are not ads but stories I’d like to share with you. In part to document the times and in part to support our local community.

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