I posted about about the importance of celebrating tradition through the lock down here. In that piece I shared our family Easter trees ❤ with you.

Here is our step by step journey of making this year’s tree:

Getting the tree

For us it was a case of working with what we’ve got. So vase, tea towels 😅 and white, sparkly branches.

The vase is not only gorgeous but also our most used wedding present. A little while back I’ve started buying myself flowers as part of the weekly shop. Just a little something nice for myself. Each day we do a lot for our families. A little self appreciation that brings you joy? Go for it!

The white branches are ones I picked up years ago. Initially for Christmas. We live in a small flat and travel a fair bit. So branches over full on tree, still give us a little Christmas tree that works for us at this time.

The nice thing is they are pretty adaptable, Christmas, Easter…. even World Kindness Day, when Littlen and I decorated the tree and took into nursery as the ‘Kindness tree’. Here we asked parents and kids to write little messages of thanks and appreciation for our nursery teachers. That ‘tree’ has generated a fair few smiles all round. ❤

If you have access to the outdoors choosing a beautiful, large branch will work very well. Or you may like to get one of those little battery operated white trees online.

As for the tea towels 😅 just a tool to keep the branches in position to ensure the overall shape of the Easter tree is as wanted

Getting decorations you love….

I am on a de-cluttering mission and have decided to slowly re-place old stuff with key items only, if at all. Part of this is building on my set of nicer celebratory decorations: Birthdays, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. (Yes I love any occasion to throw a little get together <3) As we’re often away for Easter itself, I didn’t have much in the way of Easter tree decorations. A trip to Amazon, quickly changed this as I ordered these:

They are light weight paper mache ones and something about the retro sweet little bunny images brings me straight back to my child hood.

… Then remember you have some already

Turns out, years’ back my mother in law gifted me a little box of hand painted lady birds and bee eggs. They are just so much fun.

Also pretty purple ribbon. My mother in law uses bows and ribbon on her Christmas and Easter trees respectively. It looks really effective and it’s an easy addition. As luck would have it, my hubby had gotten ribbon to wrap my birthday presents last year and the left over roll had made it into card box. (clearly de-cluttering is going well 😅)

Making decorations with your kid(s)

Most importantly, no Easter Tree is complete without home made decorations! Especially ones you add too each year! This is where memories are made ❤

There are of course endless options of making tree decorations. Also far more crafty and talented mummies out there than me. Find something that you and your littlen’s will love.

For me, it’s gotta be, egg painting!

This is what I used to do with my Nan back in Germany each year. One funny thing about living in the UK: you guys don’t have white eggs?! I mean white chicken eggs. ‘Back home’ we have a choice between white or brown. And the white ones are ideally suited for Easter dying and egg painting.

It’s the journey that counts

I could have written a much shorter piece. Get tree, decorate eggs, display. Done.

However, the annual Easter tree is so much more than a display. It’s a coming together of traditions and memories. It also is family time. Time together creating new memories each year.

Stay safe, Noa xoxo

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