The answer to the question “where are you from?” is not a simple one for me. I’d literally would have to share my entire life story with you. ๐Ÿ˜… In essence though, I am a foreigner in the UK. And even this, is no longer true since becoming a fellow British citizen last year. ๐ŸŽ‰

Both where you come from and the place you choose to make your Home matter. Each will shape your identity and values. Each will have traditions. many of which we come to hold dear.

Easter then …

Among my dearest childhood memories is the Easter period and how we used to celebrate this at my Grandmother’s each year.

Funny; as I typed the above, I realised I refer to Easter as my Grandmother’s celebration. In reality it was my Grandparents house. But it was my Grandmother who hosted all of us; aunties, uncles, cousins included. My Grandmother who sat down to craft with me. With my Grandad it was gardening. โค My Grandmother also dyed eggs with us for the big Easter breakfast after the annual egg hunt. And is was my Grandmother who got us all to decorate the Easter tree.

This was Easter the German way. Though I am sure many of us will share similar traditions.

… and Easter now

It took becoming an auntie, and later a mum, to return to celebrating Easter to the same extent as when I was a child. Whilst I always marked the occasion, it’s not the same when you’re a country (or two) away from Family.

I lucked out with my in-laws! โค They are all about family, coming together and celebrating traditions. We are lucky to be a very close knit family.

I am also grateful that they celebrate Easter in a similar way to us. Anyone being part of a multi-cultural family will appreciate the challenges that combining values, celebrations and traditions can arise.

Easter these days (pre-corona anyway) also means family coming together, crafting (in the UK it’s Easter bonnets), family meals, annual egg hunt courtesy of Fred – the Easter bunny and, to my delight, decorating the Easter tree.

Here are this year’s Easter trees at my mother in law’s and my sister in law’s:

Lock down Easter

So this year, all plans to come together has to be cancelled. All celebrations, we usually throw. also cancelled.

This does not mean, we can’t keep tradition alive in lock down. So today, Littlen and I made a start on our very own Easter tree.

Tomorrow, Littlen and I will decorate chicken eggs to add to the tree. I’ll update you with a full how to post ๐Ÿ™‚

Why not chare your favourite Easter traditions in the comments below?

Stay Safe, Noa xoxo

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