I realise, that depending on each other’s individual circumstances, we may be experiencing ‘the new normal’ that is corona, social-distancing and lock-down, very differently. Not being able to see loved ones, feeling lonely or overwhelmed. Worried for our friends and family. Concerned about our livelihoods. Wanting to protect our children from virus, loss, change of routine and missing friends. There is a lot to preoccupy our minds.

Yet, there is wonder in the world standing still. The truth is, it does good to stay home.

For me, these past two weeks, home has gone from being a pit stop between work, nursery runs, play dates, beach volley ball, classes for Littlen, etc to actually being Home.

Instead of Hubby being out of the door for work, as we get ready, and me coming home late. Instead of tea breaks with colleagues. Instead of a lunch stroll in the Lanes*. We are all together.

Morning cuddles, family breakfast, family lunch, family dinner 🙂 Hubby bringing me a constant supply of tea. Littlen video calling from the other room to show me he’s hiding under the duvet. Instead of rushing to cook dinner after the nursery pick up, we cook with Littlen. Instead of one or two bed time stories, there is time for three or four. Before bed time there is time for a board game.

Families making memories

Among friends and family, we have a few where both parents are now home, not working. Combination of mums on maternity leave, stay at home mums, mums or dads on furlough, with closed businesses or at risk and isolating.

Suddenly their kids see their dads; usually out of the house five – six days a week on long hours. Instead of playing tea party with your besties at nursery, both mum and dad are on the guest list. Quite possibly wearing tiaras.

Every day, whole families assemble in the lounge for Joe Wicks’ PE lesson.

At Littlen’s friend’s house every week the family goes to a new special little restaurant. One week it was Mexican, the next Japanese. Cue family cooking, family costumes and home made entertainment. They have an absolute blast!

One thing is for sure. Whatever worries, feelings of stir-craziness, or children’s need for attention and care we may experience at times.

We have been gifted time, and what a wonderful time it is ❤

* Brightons beautiful North Lanes. Great for a stroll, browsing an eclectic selection of independent stores and of course coffee shops. If you ever make it to Brighton, you should check it out. If you know Brighton, you know what I mean.

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