So we got in! ❤ ❤ ❤

Last week I posted about the nerves of awaiting school allocation for Littlen. We are incredibly fortunate to have gotten Littlen into the school we hoped for. More than just a preference on location, and quality of schooling, our chosen school is the only one that can cater to our mixed cultural background. (very lucky to even have such a choice, I know). Raising a trilingual child by myself (from a language perspective), and working, when living in a monolingual environment is hard. The truth is I need some help.

I’ve known for eight years, that this was the school I’d dream of for my child. Littlen is four. 😅 I am sure fellow project manager mums will relate…

The funny thing with achieving goals, is that as much as you await and fret… as soon as that goal is accomplished the next goal takes its place.

Getting into this particular school was such a relief! Now that, that weight has been lifted off my shoulders, my head’s kicked and declared it’s tome for phase two.

It’s time to find a new home, plan a move, pack up the house and get us in and settled by September. Also we’re in lock down, nothing is on the market and removal companies are closed. Easy right?! 😅

How to prepare for a move whilst in lock down

  1. Identify the area you want to move to and contact estate agents with your exact requirements
  2. Get local recommendations for removal teams, get your quotes in and your timeline on their radar
  3. De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter and then de-clutter some more
  4. Order removal boxes and get packing
  5. Also ensure paper work is in order for smooth and easy transfer of suppliers, address updates etc

Know what you want

Now that we know which school, we can fine tune the search radius. Renting in the UK isn’t easy. It’s expensive. The agents have all sorts of fees, though I think this have been removed since I last moved. And landlords can rent flats in either poor condition or with minimal space.

Be clear to agents on where, and what as well as budget. No point wasting time looking at flats you’d never rent. Especially at a time where you can’t view flats in person and estate agents have introduced video tours.

Consider your environment

Assuming schools re-open in September, we have a clear deadline for this move.

Having spoken to one removal team so far, their hands are currently tied. And as soon as they open, they have a number of customers who would have moved in recent weeks but couldn’t. Get your booking in early.

Only move what you want in your new home

Sounds simple right?

Gosh, when I think back about first arrving in the UK, 16 years ago. I had a 50L hiking backpack and a laptop bag. Last time I moved I moved with a Luton van and two large house plants. These two, Trudi and Boris 😅 have been with me for 14 years!

Safe to say lots of things have accumulated in our home. Not everything has got space. Not everything is needed. Not everything is used. I’ve also come to realise life works best, when things are simple. Of course cleaning is going to be a lot quicker and easier, when working in a clear space. In turn leaving time for coffee on the sofa.

I’m going to use these upcoming lock down weeks to go through things and get rid of the old. Anything that isn’t used. Anything that important, whether practically or emotionally will need to go.

Packing is hard work, so you might as well start

There are things like documents, foto albums, books. Seasonal decorations. Why not get a head start and start packing up?

Remember your removals list thought! Label boxes with room they are go go to and contents. These are not the boxes of items you will immediately need. And as you pack, ask yourself again, do you really need this stuff?


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