I was on a team planning call yesterday. Being in a fortunate position of lots of work coming in, I asked the Team for their holiday plans around Easter, to ensure project work would be covered. This was answered with a friendly chuckle all round and a ‘we can’t go anywhere?!’.

For us, Easter is a big celebration each year. It’s a time of coming together with the family. Our nieces and nephews, the niblings are on holidays. And over a six day period we enjoy play dates, family brunches and all family walks with the dogs. We decorate Nanny’s Easter tree and craft Easter bonnets. And of course there is the annual Egg hunt hosted my my amazing sister in law and the Easter Bunny Fred. (if my other sister in law reads this ๐Ÿ˜… all three of you are wonderful! <3).

My mother in law’s Easter tree this year โค

That’s a whole lot of fun and togetherness to miss out on, because of the lock down. Also, shouldn’t it be in the hard times especially, when you celebrate the good?

So yes I am totally going on holidays in my front room. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I need a little break. Get out of the work routine for a few days and have fun with my kid. Our trip away might have been cancelled. Doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the traditions we value as a family.

One more day ‘at the office’ Folks. After that glue gun and egg painting it is. Where ever you are, what ever your plans, I hope you have a good break too and time to recharge, as well as to rest your mind.

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Stay Safe, Noa xoxo

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