Our adapting to adversity series will cover local businesses adapting to ‘the new normal’. These are businesses we have used, I value and where I would like to share our experience with them during the pandemic. AYCORONA.BLOG is not in anyway monetized, so these are not ads but stories I’d like to share with you. In part to document the times and in part to support our local community.

Everything changes

One of the reasons Brighton is an awesome place to raise a family is the huge offering of kids classes and activities. Lucky, I know ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember when you first became a mum and life changed, including potential total isolation from a social life? Or when your child grew into a toddler and pre-schooler and started bouncing off the walls?

Before the corona virus outbreak, Littlen was regularly attending his martial arts class and tennis club. With introduction of social distancing and subsequently the lock down, all classes stopped. For us it’s the loss of a hobby, for the class providers their livelihood.

I can only imagine the level of uncertainty they must be facing. Also, for many their work, will be a passion project. To have lost this, not knowing when the old normal will return, must be so hard.

Introducing Scriven Family Martial Arts

Image by Scriven Family Martial Arts: Master Andy with the class

We signed Littlen up to Scriven’s Little Ninjas about a year ago. I’d chosen them because they were one of only two local providers to take on three year olds. They are set up as a family business and we are lucky to have Master Andy and his father Master Bob teaching the class every week.

Master Bob has been truly supportive, when initially Littlen was too shy to partake in the class by himself. (Yes, 35 yo mama ‘proudly’ joined the class of 4 year olds for good six months, whilst the other parents got to sit on the benches at the back, and drink coffee lol).

Master Andy has got a fantastic way of connecting with and teaching the kids. He’s brilliant! If you are in the area and looking for a martial arts class for your kid, you should absolutely have a look at these classes!

The discipline taught is Soo Bahk Do. Each class also includes a lesson on skills such as focus, listening, memory, how to fall safely…. At the end children receive a tag, and upon completing eight classes they get to do a little examination/demonstration to receive their next level belt. Makes our little boy feel proud of his achievements โค

Whilst I refer to their Little Ninjas classes, because those are the one’s we are attending, they run Junior and Family classes too. Check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Adapting to the pandemic

Proactive and open communication

March 20th, same day as schools closed in the UK, Andy emailed to update us on their Covid19 response. Classes were to be cancelled until further notice.

This statement was immediately followed with the proactive promise of getting training online as soon as possible, as well as the polite request to keep supporting the club, where possible, to help ensure the club makes it through the pandemic. We all hope to return to live classes as soon as it’s safe to do so.

“In respect of your […] payments, I ask you if you can afford to, to keep your membership going. My promise is that I will ensure you get credit you any missed classes and will go above an beyond to provide online material. We have been running full time as a school for over 25 years now. […] My biggest concern is that if everyone cancels we won’t have a club to return to.”

Scriven Family Martial Arts, excerpt to pandemic response (shared with permission)

Launching YouTube classes

Master Andy, quickly followed up with uploading the weekly classes onto YouTube:

Little Ninjas: Week One – Memory

Week two – Focus

As a bonus, parents can update Andy on kids participation and the tab reward system continues ๐Ÿ™‚

Evolving to live virtual meetings (Zoom)

By the time the third weekly class was due, Master Andy rolled out live classes on Zoom. The YouTube classes were good. To have these upgraded to a live virtual meeting, where teacher and student can engage was an even better development. Our boy loved the interaction!

For more detail on available Zoom classes, please contact Andy at:

Image by Scriven Family Martial Arts: Getting classes online

Continuity is Key

Routine is being thrown right out of the window. Keeping normality and structured activities that our children are used to going has got to be invaluable. It also means that skills they were working on can continue to develop, vs facing a long break of uncertain duration.

Equally the local businesses that give us so much, rely on our support, where it is possible.

It may well be that ‘the new normal’ has firmly taken hold of our day to day. This doesn’t mean we can’t make it work for us all.

Stay Safe, Noa xoxo

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